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WWDC 2019 : Major Announcements By Apple.

Worldwide Developers Conference 2019 by Apple has kicked off on 3rd June for the next 4 days at San Jose, California. Many major and powerful things have arrived like Mac Pro, iOS 13, iPadOS and much more. Let’s see what is there in Apple’s bag this time.


  • Mac Pro And Pro Display XDR – The King of the Macs:

    Let’s start with the biggest highlight of the WWDC 2019 i.e. the new Mac Pro. This time the design is different, unmatched performance, a powerhouse. If we talk about the Mac Pro which can be seen in the new lattice design, this time all the key features are extraordinary like it can support up to 1.5 TB of RAM which is very much high and after the RAM, Mac Pro can support up to 28-core Intel Xeon processor and which is sufficient for the high-end performance.

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    One Mac Pro can handle three 8K displays at a time which can help in high-end gaming, video and audio recording, editing etc but it requires the 1.4 kW power supply as well to operate. Moving on to the Pro Display XDR which is a 32-inch display with 6K resolution and it comes with the same lattice design like of Mac Pro which will act as heat sink here. The Pro Display XDR can handle up to 1000nits of brightness. The Display looks very much amazing with the small bezels.

    But the combination of Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR looks capable of any type of work. Talking about the price then the base model of Mac Pro with 8-core Xeon processor with 32GB RAM and 256GB SSD will cost $5999 and the Pro Display XDR will start from $4,999 without a stand which separately costs $999. No doubt the prices are very much high but the performance and the branding of Apple are the key points.


  • iOS 13 – More Faster, more smarter:

    Upcoming iOS version 13 which will arrive in the beta version for the users in July this year. No doubt it’ll be fast than previous and no doubt major bug fixes will be there but these all are an old thing because this time iOS is going to get a major upgrade. Starting from the Dark Mode for which we all were waiting for a long time and finally, it’s here to turn it on when required or when the normal display looks very much bright.iOS 13 After the Dark Mode, another thing is the size of apps, most of the times it looks like iOS apps more larger in size but from now the thing is going to change as from now the app installs are 50 per cent smaller and not only the installs  but the updates will be 60 per cent smaller than the previous. If the size is reduced then it is obvious that the speed will increase so the apps will launch 2x faster. On the OS other than iOS the swipe keyboard is a normal thing to work with whereas not on iPhone but from now it is a built-in option in iOS 13. Sometimes when we install a new app it requires our email to sign in but we don’t want to share. iOS 13But no problem as a built-in function will help to log into that app using Apple account and a random id will be generated by Apple for that purpose only. Many new updates like Memojis, converting portrait mode video to landscape mode etc. So, these are the major changes which will be seen in the new iOS 13.


  • WatchOS 6 – Quite Independent This Time:

    From now onwards it will be not very much necessary to pull the phone out from the pocket because this OS will make the Apple Watch independent with the built-in features. Not only the built-in features but the apps which can run directly on Apple Watch without the iPhone app and as the app are going to become independent so it will require a built-in App Store for these apps, which will be there in the watch itself. The feature Noise will keep your ears protected from noise as it will detect the surrounding’s decibel level and warn you when it is high. Updates will be there in the fitness tracking section as well and a cycle tracking app which will help women to keep track of the menstrual cycle. These are something about the WatchOS 6.WatchOS 6


  • iPadOS – For iPads:

    It’s time to move on from iOS to iPadOS for iPads and this OS for iPads is quite handy and easy to manage. The very much important thing is the browsing in Safari will be in the desktop mode rather than the mobile mode and switching will be fast between the apps running on the sliding mode. After that new gestures are there like 3-fingers swipe to cut and same to paste and not only this the widgets can be pinned on the home screen.

    If we talk about the keyboard then many shortcuts are there like saving pages, emailing pages etc. and there will be a feature to drag a small keyboard on the sideways for easier typing. Don’t forget about the Apple Pencil’s latency which is now 9ms instead of 20ms. So, These glimpses of iPadOS are sufficient to tell about the new OS for iPads.


  • MacOS Catalina

    After all the OS for different size of Apple devices, now let’s check out the new MacOS Catalina. Now, this MacOS comes with new updates like Sidecar feature which will turn the iPad into a secondary display for Mac which can be achieved by using a third-party app but now with this in-built feature. New “Find My” app will help you to search your iPhone and friend instead of “Find My Friends” and “Find My iPhone”.MacOS Catalina Another important feature is the activation lock by which the user can easily send a signal to your device which will brick it if stolen, which is very much important from a security point. If you are a developer and want to change the iPad app for macOS then the existing codebase will help you under the Project Ctalyst. Not only this, many more changes have been made in this new MacOS Catalina which will be interesting to use.


  • Enhancements – In AirPods, HomePod Department:

    Along with the big updates some small updates are there too like Audio Sharing will allow the user to send it to multiple AirPods and not only this the AirPods will now read messages as well. From now if you hold your iPhone close to HomePod it will start streaming the audio on speaker from the iPhone. Many updates are there like in CarPlay, Siri which can now support on third-party apps and the rebuilding of Maps to compete with Google.Major Enhancements


These are some of the major announcements made by Apple and which one did you find more interesting? Comment.



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